Welcome Super ELL teacher! This page offers teaching resources that will save you time and increase your impact. You will find a best practices guide, a Teaching guide and links to additional resources.

Super ELL Overview and Best Practices Guide

Overview and Best Practices Guide

Teacher’s Guide and Supplemental Material

The Super ELL Teaching Guide breaks each unit into additional lessons that can extend the course as needed.

Introduction to Teaching Guide

Intro Letter for Educators

 Module One: Believe 

Teachers Guide Cover

Microsoft Word Version – Module One Teaching Guide

Planning Document
Lesson 1
Lesson 1 – Activities
Lesson 2
Lesson 2 – Activities

Module Two: See

Microsoft Word Version – Module Two Teaching Guide

Lesson 3
Lesson 3 – Activities
Lesson 4
Lesson 4 – Activities

Module 3: Achieve

Microsoft Word Version – Module Three Teaching Guide

Lesson 5
Lesson 5 – Activities
Lesson 6

Module 4: Grow

Microsoft Word Version – Module Four Teaching Guide

Lesson 7
Lesson 7 – Activities
Lesson 8
Lesson 8 – Activities

Module 5: Fly

Microsoft Word Version – Module Five Teaching Guide

Lesson 9
Lesson 9 – Activities
Lesson 10
Lesson 10 – Activities

Translation Videos for Level 1 Students offers video summaries of every unit in English, Spanish and Arabic to assist Level 1 students.

Spanish Translations Link

How to Login Videos

For teachers:

For students:


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